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MAXI 200mm x 280mm x 80mm

MAXI 200mm x 280mm x 80mm

These are ideal protective mailers that can be used to protect books, brochures, calendars, etc.

They are often called Capacity Book Mailers, or Card Mailers.

The MAXI range of rigid cardboard envelopes are ideal for packing a variety of products that would otherwise need to be packed in a heavier cardboard box, thereby reducing package weight and usually removing the need for using void fill. These envelopes have flexible sizing up to 80mm deep when fully expanded.

These alternatives to cardboard boxes are very quick and easy to use and do not require packing tape to seal as they have their own peal & seal closure, and are very easy to open with a rip & strip opening, the ultimate in frustration free packaging!

These are made from strong 400gsm card in natural manilla brown, and made with an 'E' flute design for added protection.

Amazon often use Rigid Card Mailers like these for sending books and other small/thin items that need extra protection that normal envelopes don't provide.

Note: As these are Parcel sized, they cannot be sent as a Royal Mail Large Letter and will not fit through a standard letterbox.

Size when flat: 260mm x 300mm(Parcel)

Size when fully expanded: 200mm x 280mm x 80mm max (Parcel)

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