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Mail Lite Bubble Envelopes - 1 Carton

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MAIL LITE by Sealed Air
Padded / Bubble Envelopes
Genuine Mail Lite by Sealed Air.
Our new Mail Lite mailers are now designed for recycling with two separate components both being recyclable. Using FSC certified paper from responsible forestry, ensuring our co-extruded inner bubble is made with at least 60% recycled content, make our new mailers environmentally friendly.
What is the difference between the new and the old mailers?
  • We have replaced the PE coated paper with non-coated Kraft Paper. 
  • The AirCap bubble liner is now welded around the top, sides and bottom of the bags opposed to a full lamination which prevents the bags from being recycled. 
  • The AirCap bubble contains a minimum of 60% recycled content. 
How to recycle the new Mail Lite® White and Gold?
The inner bubble can easily be separated from the outer paper for recycling, making our new mailers environmentally friendly without compromising performance.
Instructions are clearly printed on the back of each Mail Lite bag demonstrating how to separate the paper from the bubble as shown in the picture for Mail Lite Size A (these are printed on all Mail Lite envelopes of all sizes).
Sizes & Quantities per Carton
A/000 - 110mm x 160mm - 100 per carton
B/00 - 120mm x 210mm - 100 per carton
C/0 - 150mm x 210mm (CD size) - 100 per carton
D/1 - 180mm x 260mm (DVD size) - 100 per carton
E/2 - 220mm x 260mm - 100 per carton
F/3 - 220mm x 330mm (Biggest size for RM Large Letter postal rates) - 50 per carton
G/4 - 240mm x 320mm (A4 paper size) - 50 per carton
H/5 - 270MM X 360MM - 50 per carton
J/6 - 300mm x 440mm - 50 per carton
K/7 - 350MM X 470mm - 50 per carton
All sizes are available in Gold or White.